Applause for Colts TE Dwayne Allen

Dwayne Allen was one of my favorite training camp “finds” last season, a revelation on the field with the Indianapolis Colts in Anderson, Ind.

He wound up with 45 catches for 521 yards and three touchdowns.

Allen is a great talker too, and should be a staple for the franchise on the field and off for years to come.

This week, he spoke to Rick Maese of the Washington Post in Ohio where Allen was one of a group of second-year players who spoke to the NFL’s draft picks and touched on what's unfolded with former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez:

(Hat tip to PFT.)

“A lot of people are afraid of the words, ‘Oh man, you different,’” Allen said. “You damn right I’m different. You damn right I’m different. I got a lot more money in my pocket, and a lot more sense. That’s the way you got to go about it.

“If you just turn on your TV to ESPN, this is a brotherhood. This is a brotherhood. One of our brothers in trouble right now. It really hurts me, man. But one of our brothers is in trouble right now because he didn’t want to be different. You got to make a choice right now. ...You’re not the same dude you was when you grew up. You different now. That doesn’t mean you can’t hang out with your boys, do things you used to do with your boys. You still do those, but you got to be smart about it, smart about your decisions, man.”

Bravo, Dwyane, bravo.

The message is there for the NFL's newest kids. How many of them it soaks into is the long-term question.