EPL buy hardly means Jaguars will move

Shad Khan now owns both the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League and Fulham of the English Premier League.

Today’s announcement that Khan has purchased the soccer club leads some analysts and observers down a road that I can’t understand. They believe owning a London soccer team is a significant step toward Khan ultimately moving his American football franchise to London.

What is better about having two franchises in London than having one franchise in London and one franchise in America and being able to cross-promote them not cross-town but trans-Atlantic?

Khan is committed to a home game for the Jaguars in London in each of the next four seasons. That already had a lot of people jumping to conclusions that, because commissioner Roger Goodell appears intent on going international, the Jaguars will be moving to England eventually.

Maybe they will.

But I think Khan's acquisition of the Cottagers makes a Jaguars' move less likely, not more likely.

In a letter emailed to season-ticket holders just before the official announcement, Khan said: “I am a longtime soccer fan and will join other NFL owners in the Barclays Premier League. Be assured, however, that my plans for the Jaguars are unaffected and unchanged.”

Those plans include $30 million committed or already spent on stadium and facility upgrades.

Khan is now an international professional sports team owner. He didn’t need to move the Jaguars anywhere to become one.