A review of Williamson position rankings

Over two weeks before I stepped away for vacation, ESPN.com's resident scout, Matt Williamson, helped us out with an interesting project.

He ranked the division, unit-by-unit.

Here is a review of the posts from the series:

As we compute the averages here, the Titans edge out the Colts for the second most-talented roster in the division.

The Colts were first in three of nine categories and fourth in three.

The Titans were first in just one category, but fourth in none.

It's a big leap to take conversation-starting position ratings and extrapolate them into end-of-season standings.

The Titans may, in fact, have more talent, than the Colts. But where the talent is, that's a crucial variable. Right now the Colts rank first at quarterback for Williamson, and for me. We both put the Titans third.

Andrew Luck over Jake Locker is the major differentiating factor between the two teams at this point. I don't see Luck regressing. But progress from Locker could do a lot to alter the division's standings.