Mincey ready to play anywhere for Jags

It’s easy to look at Jeremy Mincey and see a guy with no position.

But the defensive end looks at the Jacksonville Jaguars' new scheme and doesn’t see limitations, he sees additional opportunities.

His attitude is a big reason he appears to be a guy worth rooting for.

“I think I can be used as a weapon, take it place to place, be a jackknife type of guy, a utility man,” Mincey said. “I feel comfortable, man. I can do it all. … Coaches do their background and research on players, and they know the type of player I am. I come on the field and that’ll tell you everything about me, you know I’m hard nose, hard working, man. Wherever you put me, I’ll do the best at that position.”

Mincey signed a big contract in March of 2012 -- four years and $20 million with $9 million guaranteed. His cap number this season is $3.55 million. His sack production went from eight in 2011 to three last year, when the Jaguars had just 20.

“We have a role for Mince, and we’ll use him in a variety of different fashions,” GM David Caldwell said. “He has some inside pass-rush skills and he has some outside pass-rush skills. There are going to be different packages where he’s going to be valuable for us.”

Mincey played 83.67 percent of the Jaguars' snaps last year. That’s too many and he wore down.

He sounded especially enthusiastic about opportunities to sometimes play against guards as an interior guy.

“I think they like me at the guards, you know one-on-one isolating me, man,” he said. “Last year was hard on me. I was on the radar, teams were coming at me. We didn’t have much last year, not as much as we have this year, so I think this group can open the gates. Sen’Derrick Marks is a phenomenal player, I can feed off him, and read off of him. I haven’t had that in years, man. Had a guy, you know, that’s going to get up the field and penetrate and come up off of him.

"And Tyson [Alualu] on the end, I think that’s a real good fit for the scheme they’re running. We got a bunch of guys that can clog the holes, that can actually allow us to rush the ends the way we need to rush them.”

Mincey also said more aggressive coverage will help pass-rushers, forcing quarterbacks to hold the ball. That secondary is very young and unproven, but Mincey is encouraged.

“I mean that secondary we’ve got, I haven’t seen one like that in years,” he said. “I’m very, very, very, very pumped for what we’ve got going on this year. I mean just more man to man. Anytime you got man to man you have a QB patting the ball, you’re going to have more opportunities as opposed to him with him dinking and dunking and wearing you down then running the ball.”