For VY, a first: No pick, no sack

Posted by ESPN.com’s Paul Kuharsky

Vince Young is now 20-12 in games he’s started in the regular season and playoffs, but it wasn’t until his 32nd start that he achieved the sort of clean slate that made Jeff Fisher especially happy.

“I think this was the first start where he’s not had a sack or an interception,” Fisher said Monday at his news conference. “I think that shows, we’re hoping that that shows, that he’s learned from this experience. He’s learned to just take what’s there, take the check-down, get rid of the ball or take off when it’s time to go take off. So, we said all along that he’s developing. Even though we were watching Kerry [Collins], Vince was developing. I’m hopeful that the work he’s put in will translate over to success in the game.”

Young said after the game that offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger saw him “grow up a little bit.” No sacks and no picks speaks to good decision-making as well as solid line play.

It was a good start, and the Titans hope Young will be able to show forward progress from here, starting Sunday in San Francisco. Coming off a solid showing in Indianapolis, the 49ers have a tougher defense than Jacksonville.

“He’s going to take the same approach that he took last week in preparation,” Fisher said. “The difference is that he’ll have an extra day, but that’s what he does. It’s like any other position, it’s that process where you strive to get better. What more can you do and how do you do more each week? That’s the approach we take with him.”