Luck still excited about tough catches

INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis Colts receiver Reggie Wayne has made spectacular catches throughout his career.

It’s just Reggie being Reggie when he does it now to some.

That’s not the case with second-year quarterback Andrew Luck. Luck said he still enjoys watching Wayne haul in nice catches.

“I still get excited,” Luck said. “I don’t know if it makes me look good or bad. It’s still a completion. That’s what matters.”

Wayne made two eye-popping catches against the New York Giants last weekend. He bailed Luck out when Giants cornerback Aaron Ross couldn’t handle what should have been an interception by tapping the ball to himself and catching it in the end zone for a touchdown. Wayne also extended out and made a one-handed grab on a bubble screen from Luck.

Fellow receiver TY Hilton got in the mix when he kept both feet inbounds on a touchdown grab from Luck against the Giants.

“It’s nice when you develop that feeling, you know, if I throw this ball up I know that our guy is going to go up as hard as he can, and there’s a great chance for him to make the play,” Luck said. “Those catches are special. Just because it seems to happen over and over again now, it doesn’t make it lose its luster. I guys you do sort of come to expect it from those guys.”

Coach Chuck Pagano said Wayne has excelled in making those tough catches because of his practice habits.

“You know, if you make them in practice, you’ll make them in games,” Pagano said. “It’s all about preparation.”