Titans bad, Jaguars worse in uniform ranks

Paul Lukas of ESPN.com's Uni Watch isn't a big fan of the Tennessee Titans' uniforms.

In his Power Rankings of NFL uniforms unveiled Wednesday, he puts the Titans 26th.

But that's a wonderful ranking compared to where he has the Jaguars: dead last.

Worthy of the bottom spot simply by virtue of having what's bound to go down as the worst helmet in NFL history. Like, did they run out of spray paint or what? As for the rest of the design, it's risky to come up with a superhero outfit for a bad team, because superheroes don't look very superheroic when they're on the wrong end of a 37-10 score every week. Or, to put it another way, the Jags are about to learn the same hard lesson that Maryland has learned: If you dress like a clown and win, you look like a winner. But if you dress like a clown and lose, you just look like a clown.

The helmets are ill-conceived and simply terrible. But the new logo is an upgrade, and I think the uniforms aren't bad if you can't put the helmets out of your mind -- a big thing to ask.

In my notes from watching the Jaguars' loss at the Jets on Saturday night, I wrote: "Uniforms are good -- EXCEPT for the silly helmets and ridiculous gold band around the collar."