Colts had fewest offensive series in Week 1

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Indianapolis Colts' strong suit this season will be the offense.

They shouldn't have any problems putting points on the board with the offensive weapons quarterback Andrew Luck has around him.

That, of course, is if the Colts can get their offense on the field.

That wasn't the case in their season opener against the Oakland Raiders.

The Colts tied the Raiders and Carolina for the fewest offensive possessions in the league with only eight in Week 1. One possession was the final one of the game when the Colts took two knees.

Baltimore had the most drives with 17, followed by Peyton Manning and Denver with 16 drives in Week 1.

The league average in Week 1 was 12 offensive possessions.

It’s difficult to get more possessions when the defense can’t force the opposition to punt the ball or turn it over. The Raiders were 7-of-13 on third down against the Colts. The Colts picked off quarterback Terrelle Pryor twice.

“We wanted more [possessions],” Colts coach Chuck Pagano said about their offensive possessions. “Part of that is us. You get turnovers, but if you get off the field better on third down, get off the field and get the ball back to our offense, we’ll get more.”

Here are the teams other than Baltimore and Denver that had more than 12 offensive possessions in Week 1.

  • New England: 15

  • Jacksonville: 15

  • Philadelphia: 14

  • Giants: 14

  • Minnesota: 14

  • Kansas City: 14

  • Detroit: 14

  • Buffalo: 14