Colts say Trent Richardson is on schedule

INDIANAPOLIS -- The numbers weren’t eye-popping. Twelve carries for 54 yards.

But in the big picture of things, those carries and yards are something the Indianapolis Colts hope will jump start running back Trent Richardson.

Richardson, who has gotten off to a slow start since the Colts acquired him from Cleveland on Sept. 18, staggered his way to 2 yards on six carries in the first half against the Seattle Seahawks on Oct. 6.

“Coach [Chuck Pagano] came in at halftime and asked us, ‘Can we run the ball and can we tackle better?’ Everybody in the room said, ‘Yeah, we can run the ball. Yeah, we can tackle better,’” Richardson said. “We just went out there and we had it in our head that we were going to run the ball. No matter what they put up among us, our strength in the second half was going to be running the ball. We’re going to be a balanced offense. We went in and we had our mind made up.”

Richardson had his longest run of the season -- 16 yards -- in the third quarter, but his best run came in the fourth quarter.

The Colts had the ball on a third-and-5 at Seattle’s 45-yard line when Richardson ran for 10 yards and a first down. The Colts kicked a field goal to go up by six points four plays later.

“I’ll say it again, he’s on schedule,” Colts offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton said. “He had some big runs for us late in that game. That third-and-5, that was a huge play in the fourth quarter. For him to really put his head down and found a way to grind out the five yards we needed for the first down. He’s on schedule. He’s very much confident and competent in his ability to go out there and execute our offense. He’s made some plays for us.”

Richardson, who has rushed for 151 yards on 51 carries in three games with the Colts, echoed Hamilton’s words.

“People have been on us about the running game and it’s going to come,” Richardson said. “When it does come, it’s going to come hard. We’re going to have a lot of bandwagoners and we don’t need all that. When it does come, it’s going to come hard and it’s going to come fast, too.”