Mailbag: What's on your mind?

Weller Ross in Knoxville, TN writes: Hey Paul, I was just wondering why with all the talk about Randy Moss going up against a rookie cornerback (Jerraud Powers) this week no one (at least not from everything I've seen and read) has pointed out the fact that the Colts defense has already faced both Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson this year. If someone were asked to make an argument for two receivers better than Moss, those would likely be the two receivers chosen. Well Fitz and Johnson combined for 179 yards and no touchdowns total against the Colts. I'd think that if Moss was held to 90 yards and no TDs the Colts would win the game. Am I missing something here? Is there a reason this has yet to be pointed out? Moss has Wes Welker to help him out, but Fitz had Anquan Boldin as a sidekick and Johnson's Robin (Kevin Walter) is, in my opinion, pretty underrated. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it and how well you think Powers will do matching up against Moss. Thanks, Weller

Paul Kuharsky: Good points. Gets you in the mailbag. I’m not concerned about Powers. I think he’s very good already. Tim Jennings has been far less steady.

Scott in Houston writes: Your quote on the question of whether (Antoine) Bethea touched the loose ball while he was out of bounds during the tackle of (Ryan) Moats:"My feeling was that it was awfully hard to be so definitive about that piece of it, and I thought it was sorted out correctly."It takes indisputable visual evidence to reverse a call on the field, and I've yet to hear anyone say that there was indisputable evidence that the tackler was inbounds when he touched the loose ball (or that he didn't touch the loose ball at all; in fact, the picture you linked from Alan Burge shows without a doubt that the Colt was touching the ball). If, as you say, it was "awfully hard to be so definitive", then by the rules of replay, the Texans should have kept the ball, right? Had the play been ruled a fumble/Colt recovery on the field, then the "awfully hard to be so definitive" replay would not have been enough to overturn the call. But that's not how it was ruled on the field. Indisputable evidence is required to reverse, and I think your "awfully hard" statement is an agreement that such evidence was lacking.

Paul Kuharsky: What they were looking to reverse was fumble or no fumble, not in bounds or out of bounds, that’s what a lot of people are missing. And the fumble evidence was indisputable.

Once they reverse to fumble, they officiate the play going forward. And the picture seemed to show the ball hitting Bethea, it’s didn’t definitely show him touching it.

Eddie Garrison in Pensacola, Florida writes: Wouldn't you say (and I actually think you have) that the Colts issues at running the ball factor more on the line not getting the job done and not on (Joseph) Addai or (Donald) Brown? It looks to me when the holes are there both Addai and Brown hit them good and gain good yardage. When they are not there, no good yards come. That’s to be expected from every back in the NFL, why all the negativity in Indy for Addai recently? Is it due to (Peyton) Manning and the Colts air assault always being on fire it seems and from time to time they struggle to run the ball in games? Thanks in advance.

Paul Kuharsky: Yes, I have said it and believe it. I think Addai can fall into being a bit tentative at times, but generally takes too much heat. Brown is very promising and has had some great flashes already. He certainly could have helped them a bit the last two weeks.

Dustin in Stanford CA writes: Hey Paul, In your Titans' Midseason Report you mentioned that (Ryan) Mouton and (Jason) McCourty were not close to ready to fill in when injuries hit. Do you think they will be viable options long term? Or do they just not have what it takes?

Paul Kuharsky: Way too early to say. I know people like definitive answers on guys halfway through their first seasons, but you just can’t get them on most rookies at this stage.