Luck using New England loss as motivation

INDIANAPOLIS -- The video has been watched. It's been watched numerous of times, actually. Quarterback Andrew Luck has watched the film of the Indianapolis Colts' playoff loss to the New England Patriots too many times to count.

Nothing changed. The Patriots won the game 43-22 every time and Luck still threw four interceptions.

"It is good motivation because they obviously beat us and were the better team," Luck said. "But there are also mistakes that eat you up, but you sometimes have to take the emotion out of it. We look at this with a cold, hard analytical mindset and say this is the learning experience. Take the emotion out of it. You look at the mistakes and say, why. We watch every play from last season multiple times and we review regular third down and red zone and everything."

New England has been a nemesis of Luck during his first two seasons. He's 0-2 and has thrown seven interceptions against the Patriots.

Luck will get another shot to beat the Patriots when New England visits Lucas Oil Stadium on Nov. 16. He'll be facing one of the top cornerback duos in the league in that game in Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner.