J.J. Watt, the basketball player?

I'm often asked: What can't J.J. Watt do?

According to fellow former Wisconsin Badgers basketball player Devin Harris, currently with the Dallas Mavericks, basketball would not be on that list.

“You see a lot of those guys, like Julius Peppers was a basketball player in college. Antonio Gates was one as well,” Harris told The Sporting News. “Those guys can definitely impact the game just with their athleticism and how powerful he is and how graceful he is in some of the things that he does."

Wisconsin went to the NCAA tournament all three years Watt attended, but never got past the Sweet 16.

"I think he would’ve been a great basketball player in college and could’ve helped us out a lot," Harris said.

Harris is confident in his ability to score against the NFL's defensive player of the year, with one caveat.

“I’m going to score, but I’m going to fear what happens when I score,” Harris told The Sporting News.

The Badgers are playing in the Final Four today, and Watt's loyalties are clear.