Texans interested in a game in Mexico City; it could happen in 2016

The Texans are interested in playing a regular-season game in Mexico City, provided it is a road game on their schedule, and it could happen, writes John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

From his story:

“Mexico City is the most logical choice for a team like the Texans,” [Texans president Jamey] Rootes said. “We’d be a great ambassador for the league.”

Rootes was part of a Houston group that included political and business leaders making a recent trip to Mexico City. The Houston contingent was led by mayor Annise Parker and the Greater Houston Partnership.

“It was a trade mission to build relationships between Mexico City and Houston,” Rootes said.

Rootes took time to meet with members of the NFL office in Mexico City as well as politicians and business leaders representing the local and national levels.

“All were thrilled to have an opportunity to work more closely with the Texans, and we’re thinking about how we can make that happen,” Rootes said. “We already have a sizable fan base in Mexico. Having a physical presence down there would make a difference in the following."

The NFL is playing three international games this season, all of them at Wembley Stadium in London. The Jets played the Dolphins there on Oct. 4, the Bills play the Jaguars on Oct. 25 and the Lions play the Chiefs on Nov. 1. The series has been hosted by London since 2007. After this season, 14 games will have been part of the series.