Titans' Derrick Morgan: NFLPA will research pain benefits of cannabis

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Derrick Morgan of the Tennessee Titans said that the NFL Players Association is planning to research the benefits of cannabis as a pain treatment.

"We have some things in the works with the NFLPA, getting some research studies going for players,” Morgan said Friday in an interview with The Midday 180, my Nashville radio show.

“Nothing too clinical, but getting some research for players and developing that committee to get the NFLPA to look at alternative pain management. There's definitely some things in the works and we just have to keep that going.”

During the summer, Morgan joined Eugene Monroe and called on the NFL to study the potential benefits of cannabis for helping its players deal with pain.

Monroe since retired from the Baltimore Ravens, meaning Morgan is the lone active player campaigning for the research.

"I just take the NFL for their word: If they say that long-term health and player safety are top priorities of the league, then why aren't you looking into all the options for health care that are out there?" Morgan said in a July interview with ESPN. "It's definitely incumbent upon them to really delegate some time and some resources to look into it."

The DEA declined in August to reclassify marijuana from the list of the drugs considered most dangerous. Morgan was optimistic that a revised, schedule 2 classification, would have made research on it more appealing and easier.

"It didn't happen,” Morgan said, “which was pretty unfortunate more so for a society as a whole.”