Why Jags still control the sixth spot

Despite their loss to the Dolphins, the Jaguars still remain in control of the final AFC playoff spot.

Here’s why they lead the pack of four 7-6 teams (Jags, Ravens, Dolphins and Jets) as spelled out by ESPN’s Stats & Information:

Division ties are broken first. Because the Dolphins swept the Jets, the New York is automatically last of the four.

Neither the Jaguars, Ravens nor Dolphins swept each other or got swept by each other in head-to-head matchups.

The Jaguars have the best conference record at 6-3, the Ravens are next at 6-4 and the Dolphins follow at 5-4.

So currently the breakdown of 7-6 teams is:

  • 6. Jaguars

  • 7. Ravens

  • 8. Dolphins

  • 9. Jets