Garrard, Vanden Bosch now Pro Bowlers

The watering down of the Pro Bowl continues.

The AFC quarterback pool is now all AFC South: Matt Schaub and Vince Young were already in as alternates, and David Garrard is now in with Peyton Manning a non participant.

Garrard threw 15 touchdowns and 10 interceptions, was sacked 42 times and had an 83.5 passer rating. He appears to rank ninth among AFC quarterbacks in the voting. Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger, Carson Palmer all bowed out or passed on an invite. It’s believed Joe Flacco also declined.

With Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis now unavailable, Tennessee’s Kyle Vanden Bosch was added to the AFC roster, too.

Manning was pretty funny Sunday evening when he was asked if he might go ahead and play in the Pro Bowl Sunday despite getting a pass since the Colts will be preparing for the Super Bowl. He turned the conversation to his tight end, first-time Pro Bowler Dallas Clark.

“Dallas is going to play,” Manning said to laughs. “He’s so excited to make the Pro Bowl and he thought he could use an extra game to work on some of his blocking techniques. They didn’t say you can’t play. He’s going to play but I’m not going to play this year.”