Saturday unhappy about message

My feelings on the Colts' offensive line are known.

Bill Polian’s feelings about the line’s Super Bowl performance are known.

Howard Mudd’s true feelings on those comments are not known, as the retired Colts offensive line coach swallowed them when he spoke with Bob Kravitz.

Now Jeff Saturday’s feelings are known as well.

Head to the 49-second mark here to hear Saturday’s review of Polian’s post-Super Bowl comments indicating the offensive line and special teams were the root causes of New Orleans' Super Bowl XLIV upset of the Colts.

“Hopefully he’ll go back and watch the film and tell us what he wants us to do better or that will come through [Jim] Caldwell,” Saturday said.

Look, the Colts had a phenomenal season, winning the AFC despite a number of significant injuries and under a first-year head coach.

I have no problem with Polian telling his radio listeners what he thought the problems were that kept Indianapolis from hoisting its second Lombardi Trophy -- I want more such candor, not less.

But Saturday was certainly taken aback after learning of this assessment the same way you and I did, considering the Colts are generally expected to keep things in-house.

I shared thoughts earlier this week on how Polian and Caldwell have handled things media-wise since the grand finale.

And clearly questions haven't only lingered for beat reporters or divisional analysts; they’re lingering for at least one of the team's offensive linemen, the guy who snaps the ball to Peyton Manning.

I’m sure the Colts' brass is unconcerned. I’m also pretty sure it’s not the healthiest way to get the team looking to the future, not the past, as Polian and Caldwell have both said they are eager to do.

Smoothing the rough edges of some of these communication issues probably won’t help the Colts win in 2010. But what would be the harm in trying to be better in this department going forward?