No roller coaster rides for Jags' Kampman

Jaguars defensive end Aaron Kampman is coming off a torn ACL for the second season in a row. The plan for him all along has been to build up to snaps in the final preseason game, against the Rams Thursday night.

The first team defense was solid against Atlanta, and poor against Buffalo, leading to the same old concerns about consistency.

Kampman understands that. He told the Jacksonville media:

“It gives you guys something to write about, you know what I mean? No we don’t want to have any roller coasters this year. Obviously I think our mentality is to try to be as consistent as possible, both on and off the field with everything that we do as we continue to march toward our goals...”

“I think if you look at the game against Buffalo, definitely there were some things …we didn’t get to the quarterback,” he told Jacksonville media. “As far as gaping holes, we had one that we gave up over the top. Other than that I don’t know if there were any gaping holes.

“But the reality is that’s our last game. That’s what is on the film from last time we played. Now do I think we’re a better football team than that defensively? Absolutely. I’m looking forward to making sure that we prove that on the field, but I think I told the guys, one of the things that is a part of mental toughness is being consistent and not being too up or too down, regardless if you play great or regardless if you have a tough day. I think that’s what we’ve work on building and I think you’ll see us come back and have a great showing this Thursday night.”

I believe Kampman will be a spark for the pass rush and, likely playing fewer snaps than normal, will still be able to be an influential pass rusher. The fully stocked Jaguars defense of 2011 should be much better than the 2010 version.

It’s nearly time for us to see it.