AFC West mailbag

Zachariah West from Durango, Colo., wants to know if we’ll see Kansas City continue to use running back Jamaal Charles as a returner now that the team has signed Thomas Jones.

Bill Williamson: Charles is a dynamic runner and is a great weapon as a returner. He averaged 25.7 yards per return last season and he had a touchdown return. Of course, because Charles is developing into a star running back -- he had 1,120 yards and averaged 5.9 yards per carry last season -- the team may not want to use him much as returner because of the injury risk. The presence of Jones does give Kansas City a solid insurance policy. I would expect the Chiefs to still use Charles as a return man because he is so dangerous, but they will be cautious.

Matt from Colorado Springs wants to know what Seattle saw in Charlie Whitehurst to give up so much for him.

BW: The Seahawks obviously really like Whitehurst. They gave up plenty to get him. Seattle and San Diego switched picks in the second round (the Chargers now have No. 40 and Seattle now has No. 60), and Seattle gave up its third-round pick next year. That’s a lot to give up for a guy who has never thrown an NFL pass and who will be 28 in August. But Seattle thinks Whitehurst would be the third best quarterback in this year's draft behind Sam Bradford and Jimmy Clausen. Offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates has long admired Whitehurst. Seattle believes he has the makeup to be a star. Still, this was a no-brainer trade for San Diego. Whitehurst had no future in San Diego. In return for a player who was a non-factor in San Diego, the Chargers will be able to remake their draft. What a steal.

Dustin T from San Diego wants to know if San Diego could draft Tim Tebow.

BW: I think the chances are increasing. Now that Whitehurst is gone, San Diego needs a young quarterback to develop and be a No. 3 guy. Tebow would be a perfect No. 3 at this point. But I’m not sure if San Diego would take Tebow until late in the third round and he could be gone by then. I don’t think Tebow should or will be a priority for San Diego, but if the timing is right, it could be an interesting pairing.