Chiefs checking out Russell Okung

The Chiefs are spending time with potential top picks this week.

OkungOkungAccording to a source close to the situation, Oklahoma State left tackle Russell Okung is visiting Kansas City on Wednesday. The Washington Post reported that Tennessee safety Eric Berry was visiting Kansas City this week prior to heading to Washington on Wednesday.

It is not a surprise Kansas City is spending time with Okung and Berry. Both are expected to be seriously considered by the Chiefs if they are available at No. 5, where the Chiefs select.

Left tackle is one of the Chiefs’ greatest needs and Okung is considered the best left tackle prospect available. Visits don’t necessarily mean anything, but it does confirm interest.

The Chiefs will surely be impressed with the 307-pound Okung. He was a dominant player at Oklahoma State. I attended his press briefing at the combine and he was very impressive. I’m sure the Chiefs will like what they hear during their visit.