McDaniels has narrow vision for Tebow

Englewood, Colo. -- Many people have many ideas for Tim Tebow in the NFL.

TebowTebowSome believe he’ll be a fine H-back because of his sturdy stature and hard running style. Others think he’d be a terrific special teams players because of his desire for the game.

Josh McDaniels doesn’t envision any of those roles for Tebow, the player he traded three picks to Baltimore for and for whom he staked his reputation as a coach on.

“He’s a quarterback,” McDaniels said Saturday afternoon after wrapping up his second draft as Denver’s coach. “He’s a quarterback. That’s all he’s going to do.”

McDaniels and Tebow will begin the process of making the former Florida legend an NFL-quality quarterback next week in a rookie-only minicamp.

McDaniels reiterated again Saturday that Tebow will be competing for the job that is currently owned by Kyle Orton.

“Like everybody, he will be competing for a job,” McDaniels said.”I don’t care if a guy is a rookie. If he’s earned the job, he’ll play. That goes for any position. But I’ll say this, he has a long way to go to get there. But he is starting the process.”

McDaniels said Tebow could potentially play in “Wildcat” packages a rookie, if he isn’t playing. But he made it clear that Tebow’s primary goal is to become a starting quarterback, no gimmicks attached.

“He’s a quarterback,” said McDaniels for a third time in a five-minute conversation.