Chiefs' weakness: Defensive line

Considering Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson -- the fifth overall pick in 2008 and third overall pick in 2009 -- are the starting defensive ends in the Chiefs’ three-man line, you would think this would be an area of strength for Kansas City. Dorsey was an upfield, penetrating three-technique defensive tackle at LSU whose game just doesn’t translate well to this scheme, though he deserves his share of the blame as well. This is one of the most wasted resources in the league right now. As with everyone on this line, Dorsey didn’t play the run particularly well and did little in getting after the passer.

Jackson was just all-around awful in his rookie season. Though he was considered the top 3-4 defensive end in last year’s draft class, there is still a very steep learning curve because he didn’t play in this scheme at LSU. If he doesn’t improve this season, he could go down as one of the biggest busts in recent memory.

The Chiefs also used a 2009 third-round pick on Alex Magee to convert to a 3-4 end from the defensive tackle position he played at Purdue. We didn’t see much of him during his rookie season, so he remains mostly an unknown, and there isn’t much else to get excited about at the defensive end position. Magee could surprise though.

The situation at nose tackle may not be any better. Ron Edwards was over matched at the position last season, but at least Shaun Smith was brought in to rotate with him. Smith is very inconsistent, though, and has been changing teams at a rapid rate. But he does have 3-4 experience at both nose tackle and defensive end.