Could Atogwe land in the AFC West?

There’s not much available on the open market so the arrival of brand-spanking new free agent Oshiomogho Atogwe has to be met with some degree of intrigue here in early June.


AtogweThe excitement needs to be tempered somewhat. Atogwe is a solid, not great player. The safety, who turns 29 this month, is not a defense-changing player. I don’t expect an AFC West team to become an obvious favorite to land Otogwe. The teams most mentioned as favorites to land him include Miami, Dallas, Minnesota and San Francisco.

I don’t think Denver and Oakland will become major players because they are both in decent shape at the position. Kansas City just drafted Eric Berry at No. 5 overall, but the Chiefs could look at Atogwe to further shore up the position. Still, that’s a long shot.

I think San Diego is Atogwe’s best bet of landing in the AFC West. But I wouldn’t say there’s a great chance of it happening.

There is a potential need at the position in San Diego. Second-year player Kevin Ellison, who started the final nine games of the season in 2009, was recently arrested for allegedly being in possession of a controlled substance. He was kept away from the team’s minicamp. The Chargers are giving fourth-round pick Darrell Stuckey a chance to emerge. But he is a rookie.

Atogwe certainly would be an upgrade for a team with serious postseason intentions. He’ll be tempting. However, the Chargers are very conservative in free agency, so a move like this would be a tad out of character.