Magazine's statement on Bowe's denial

Kansas City receiver Dwayne Bowe again denied, in a radio interview, telling ESPN The Magazine that veteran Chiefs players “imported” women to the team’s San Diego hotel the night before a game in 2007. Gary Belsky, ESPN The Magazine's editor in chief, released a statement regarding Bowe's latest denial:

"As we have said, we will happily allow Mr. Bowe the chance to listen to our recording of his interview, in the event he forgot that he made these comments. He has not asked to do so. Despite his persistence in denying having made these comments-unfairly damaging the reputation of one of our best writers-we have consistently avoided releasing the audio from his interview to spare him and others further embarrassment, specifically because on the recording he offers more lurid details than we published and because he named several teammates as having participated in the off-hours activity in question.

"We do not know why Mr. Bowe persists in denying having made the comments, but out of respect for him, his teammates and the Chiefs we will maintain our position, which we think is the honorable choice. We believe The Magazine's reputation for honesty and integrity speaks for itself."

The story originally ranInsider in a May edition of ESPN The Magazine.