Tebow Watch: Manning-like work ethic?

A lot of people have wondered if Tim Tebow's teammates in Denver will tire of hearing about the polarizing rookie even though he may not play much this year.

So far, they haven’t and it’s because of the stunning work ethic the No. 25 overall pick has displayed. While visiting Denver’s minicamp in June, I ran into star cornerback Champ Bailey who lauded Tebow’s work ethic.

On the eve of training camp, the Tebow testimonials continue to pour in from Denver veterans. Linebacker Darrell Reid had a very interesting comparison to make regarding the rookie quarterback: Peyton Manning. Reid, who came to Denver last year from Indianapolis, told the Denver Post he told Tebow that his work ethic reminds him of Manning, perhaps the best quarterback of all time.

“I sat down with him one day and I told him, 'I know they say you're not as talented, your arm's not as tremendous as his, but your work ethic reminds me so much of when I was with Peyton in Indianapolis,'" said Reid, who played for the Colts from 2005-08. "I told him, 'I think you're going to do big things for us, and I can't wait to see you on the field.'

"Whether it's working on his throwing motion or in the weight room or running, he's almost always the last guy out of the building. He's a very humble kid, and he's a proven winner who will do whatever it takes. That's why we love him."

Comments like these show Denver’s teammates can live in the Tebow fish bowl if he continues to work as hard as he has.

Meanwhile, Denver’s rookies start camp Wednesday and Tebow remains unsigned. The Broncos’ full squad doesn’t start practicing until Sunday, so there is time for Tebow to get in. There are indications that both sides are working through details and there’s a decent chance Tebow signs fairly soon. Only one first-round pick, Dallas’ Dez Bryant, has signed.

UPDATE: The Patriots have signed first-round pick Devin McCourty on Wednesday afternoon. There are now two signed first-round picks.