Chiefs get major endorsement

The good folks at Football Outsiders have my ultimate respect. They are mad scientists, who crunch the numbers of the NFL as well as anybody. They come up with some truly genius stuff.

So, we have to pay attention to their prediction that the Kansas City Chiefs will win the AFC West. Do I agree? No, I don’t think the Chiefs, who have won a total of 10 games the past three seasons combined, can catch the Chargers quite yet, even though I do think the Chiefs will be much improved this season.

But this prediction deserves to be remembered. The Football Outsiders just don’t throw stuff against the wall.

  • Speaking of the Chiefs, San Diego is studying Notre Dame and the Cleveland Browns of the recent past as they prepare to open the season in Kansas City on Sept. 13 on ESPN’s Monday Night Football. New offensive coordinator Charlie Weis was the head coach at Notre Dame and defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel was the recently the head coach of the Browns. It just shows how complete NFL coaching and scouting is. No stones are left unturned.