Will Von Miller be blackballed?

In a statement regarding a class-action lawsuit filed by some players, National Football League Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith referred to Von Miller as a “a brave young Aggie prospect.”

Miller was the only draft prospect of the 10 players named on the lawsuit.

It’s interesting that Miller is part of the lawsuit. The Texas A&M pass-rushing linebacker should be a top pick. Denver had a private workout with him this week and he is expected to be considered by the Broncos at the No. 2 pick.

I have talked to several people around the league about Miller’s involvement in the lawsuit. Could this hurt his draft stock? Could teams blackball Miller?

The consensus is that he is taking a chance. Other players named on the lawsuit, such as Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Vincent Jackson and Mike Vrabel, have nothing to lose. They are established players whose teams are going to overlook this issue down the road. However, no team is committed to Miller and no one really knows him.

This could give him the reputation of being a troublemaker or a locker-room lawyer, which could cause teams to reconsider him. Ultimately, though, I think this will not have much bearing on when he is picked. He is too good of a player to bypass. I’m sure teams will get a feel for his personality in private meetings and go from there.

Other than Denver, I think it is conceivable that San Diego could trade up to try to draft Miller. I don’t think either team would have a problem with him. Actually, his involvement in the lawsuit could be looked at as a positive personality trait. No other prospect had the guts to be part of the lawsuit. He seems like he’s a guy teams and other players would want on their side.