Sound-off responses

Fans of both the Oakland Raiders and the San Diego Chargers offered their views on the possibility of veteran Carolina receiver Steve Smith ending up on their teams. It has been reported that Smith may want to be traded to one of the two California teams. Smith, a California native, has said that he does not necessarily want to play for every team in California.

Here is some of what you had to say about the subject in our sound-off question:

Chase Cottrell from Hesperia, Calif.: I hope the Chargers grab Steve Smith. We have a lot of free agency worries with our WR. I think Smith would be an excellent addition for Rivers to throw to and hopefully hit that 5,000 yard mark! What do you think it would take to get him and do you think A.j Smith is considering him? Thanks!

Adam from Nashville, Tenn.: Well, Bill, as a Raider fan, while not opposed to Smith as a player, my question is what role would he play at this point in his career. He cannot be viewed as a game changer now, and with a developmental team such as the Raiders, his role would probably be more impactful off the field than on the field. He would not come cheap, and there are more viable options the Raiders could look to, such as [Santana] Moss in DC. I honestly think he is more a fit in SD in that he could compliment an established offense, rather than help develop one in search of an identity, such as Oakland.

Tom from FTL, Fla.: I would love to see the Raiders make a move for Steve Smith. The Raiders’ WRs are missing two things: 1) experience and 2) veteran leadership. A guy like Smith can add production and can bring Ford along who is of a similar mold, size, and does a lot of the same thing Smith did (return punts and kicks). And Campbell already has some experience throwing to a receiver of Smith's size (Santana Moss). I don't need Oakland to bring him in, I'd just like to see them make a play for him to show us fans that they are trying to get better and compete for the long-term.

Brian Kitson from Hanford, Calif.: As a Charger fan I would LOVE to have Steve Smith. You say his production has fallen off, but in my opinion that is only because Carolina has had crappy QBs the last few years. Smith would still be a game-changing receiver with Philip Rivers tossing the rock to him. I think he still has 3 or 4 good years left in him. Pull the trigger, AJ!!!

I’m not sure if Smith would be a tremendous difference maker for either team. He is 32 and he had just 46 catches last season.

He has had issues with teammates and I think there could be better options, especially the teams are looking for a major impact. But if one of these teams is looking for a veteran who can help in a limited role and is not too expensive, I could understand the interest.