Would Terrelle Pryor fit in the AFC West?

Earlier Tuesday, NFL analyst Matt Millen said embattled Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor would likely be a fourth-to-seventh round choice if he enters the supplemental draft this summer because of the scandal that led to the resignation of coach Jim Tressel.

Millen said the athletic Pryor has some obvious skills, but there are holes in his game, which would likely make him be a late-round choice. The following is a look if Pryor would fit in the AFC West:


The Broncos looked at the top quarterbacks available prior to the April draft before not taking one. I think Pryor is not polished enough for the Broncos to be interested at this time. They will have their hands full by having to spend time working with second-year quarterback Tim Tebow instead of adding another project.

Kansas City

The Chiefs took Ricky Stanzi in the fifth round. It’s highly unlikely the Chiefs would use a 2012 pick on a quarterback this summer.


I’d say this is the best possible spot for Pryor in the division. The Raiders could use a young quarterback to groom. They wouldn’t need Pryor to play right away, so they would have some time to develop him. It could be an interesting pairing late in the supplemental draft. However, the Raiders haven't used a supplemental pick since it began in 1977.

San Diego

The Chargers could potentially use a young quarterback and Pryor wouldn’t have to play for a long time. But, ultimately, I’d be surprised if the Chargers took Pryor in the supplemental draft, but it’s not out of the question.