Could Burress be AFC West-bound?

Our NFL blog network looked at possible landing spots for receiver Plaxico Burress. Burress, who’ll turn 34 in August, is about to be released from prison and he is expected to resume his playing career.

We looked at the chances of Burress landing with all 32 teams. Below is my take on chances of Burress signing with each AFC West team:

Denver: The Broncos could use a veteran receiver, but they are so far away from contention that I'm not sure this makes sense. Chances: Low

Kansas City: The Chiefs usually stay away from troubled players, and they just used their first-round pick on a receiver, so I don't think they'd be major players. Chances: Low

Oakland: The Raiders have long been connected to Burress, and they could use a veteran receiver. But would the Raiders really want to go there? Chances: Medium

San Diego: The Chargers potentially could use a receiver, and he fits the mold of the big receiver San Diego likes, but it would be out of character for A.J. Smith to pursue him. Chances: Low

What do you think? Fill up the comment section on your thoughts of Burress ending up in the AFC West.