Sound-off responses

We had a great response to our sound-off question this week. The question was what opposing AFC West team has the most fierce home-field advantage. Here are some of your responses:

Chad from Cape Coral, Fla.: As a Raider fan I'd have to say playing in Arrowhead Stadium is always a nightmare. It's arguably the loudest stadium in the AFC West and brutal to play no matter how good or bad KC is at that time. The worst time to play is late in the season when its either a frozen field or rainy and sloppy. The other stadiums in our division (Denver and San Diego) well they aren't that bad especially San Diego because half the stadium is usually filled with Raider fans anyways.

Patrick from Iowa: Chiefs fan here. I'd have to go with the Black Hole, Bill. I've read way too many Chief's players comments about how rowdy the fans are there (i.e. batteries being thrown at their bus, etc.); it sounds like a pretty intimidating place to play.

Noah from Fort Collins, Colo.: I really hate seeing the Broncos playing in San Diego, their fans usually have the best team and they know it. They are loud and usually rattle us up.

Bob Hunter from Beulah, Colo.: Mile High! There is a reason they named the new stadium Invesco at MILE HIGH. The fans are loud, the weather can be brutal and ABOVE all the air is thin and they don't want their opponents to forget it!

I wanted to get a sampling of every AFC West team. Most of the responses voted for Arrowhead Stadium. I agree. Right now, that is the toughest venue to play at in the division. It was fourth in our Power Ranking this week. I voted it fourth.

Thanks to everyone who participated.