AFC West mailbag

Mid-week mail call:

Mike from Virginia Beach, Va., wants to know what I think about the Broncos’ linebacking crew.

Bill Williamson: It looks like No. 2 overall pick Von Miller and veteran D.J. Williams will be the outside linebackers and third-round pick Nate Irving will be the middle linebacker. The pressure is on all three players as Denver tries to improve from being the worst defense in the NFL. Miller must make an instant impact as a playmaker and as a pass rusher. Williams must bring along the rookies while remaining a tackle machine and Irving must make the transition from a mid-round pick to the instant quarterback of an NFL defense. This unit has potential, but it would be premature to say it is going to be strong right away.

Craig Gerke from Paducah, Ky., wants to know if the Chiefs should be worried about Jon Baldwin's reputation as a diva.

BW: I’ve talked to a lot of people with the Chiefs and they are not worried about Baldwin’s attitude. If they were concerned, they wouldn’t have drafted him. The Chiefs got a good feel for Baldwin while meeting with him before the draft. Kansas City is leery when it comes to low-character players, so I'm sure it did its homework with Baldwin. Yes, Baldwin opened his mouth a little too much while at Pitt, but the Chiefs investigated and think it was just a circumstantial situational and Baldwin will fit in with the Chiefs.

Armando from Oakland wants to know if I think the Raiders should give up on receiver Chaz Schilens.

BW: No, he’s too talented. But I think the Raiders need to continue to improve their receiver crew. That’s why they drafted two receivers in April. Schilens has been ravaged by injury an has missed 19 games (including 11 in 2010) in the past two seasons. Staying healthy has been a problem for him since his college days at San Diego State. It’s an issue and the Raiders shouldn’t count on Schilens’ health. But you don’t give up on a talent like him until he proves he can’t play anymore. I think we’re far from that point.