ESPN The Magazine thinks highly of Chiefs

ESPN the Magazine’s ninth annual “Best Franchises in Sports” rankings will be featured in this week’s “Best In Sports Issue” will be at newsstands Friday, June 17.

The Magazine ranks all the teams in the four major American sports leagues, 1-122.

The NFL did just OK. The division winner is Kansas City, which is ranked a respectable No. 47. The rest of the division was in the bottom half. Denver was No. 86; San Diego was No. 96 and Oakland was No. 104. The Chiefs also recognized in the rankings package as a franchise is an “Ultimate Movers.” Thus, the magazine think the young Chiefs who won the AFC West last season, is a franchise on the rise.

The rankings are determined from The Magazine’s Ultimate Standings methodology study, which determines the rankings according to how much they give back to fans for the time, money and emotion those fans invest in them. According to The Magazine, the rankings are determined by a multitiered analysis that looks at fan’s money spent compared to the team’s field success.