Von Miller is getting 4-3 tutoring

The biggest question about new Denver Broncos’ linebacker Von Miller is whether he will be comfortable playing in a 4-3 defense in the NFL. He was a 3-4 linebacker at Texas A&M.

Miller is clearly aware of his needed transition. While has been unable to get the 4-3 tutoring from his new Denver coaches courtesy of the lockout, Miller has found 4-3 coaching. He went back to his school and worked with former Dallas linebacker and coach Dat Nguyen, who is now the Aggies’ inside linebackers coach.

"He played in the 4-3, did it in the NFL. He knows what to expect, so I've been working with him," Miller told the Denver Post. "I want to have all of the terminology down, know my responsibilities, so when we get the word I'm ready to come in, line up and play ... That's my expectation, to be ready to do what I'm supposed to do in the Broncos' defense."

That has to be great news for the Broncos. They need Miller up to speed and ready to help the NFL’s worst defense immediately. Miller knows his responsibility.

"I know what's waiting for me when I get there," Miller said. "That's what's got me going these days. I know they expect a lot of me just as soon as things get going, and my expectation is to be that guy. To be the guy that comes in ready to go. That's how I've been approaching it."

Miller did get a chance to grab a playbook from his Denver coaches during the brief period the lockout was lifted. He likes what he sees.

"What's in the (Denver) playbook looks familiar to me," Miller said. "On the outside, with contain responsibilities, over the tight end at times and getting to the quarterback when they need me to."