AFC West mailbag

Weekend mail call:

Johnny from San Diego wants to know how Chargers' running back Mike Tolbert is recovering from a neck injury he suffered in December.

Bill Williamson: Tolbert is doing great. He is working out with his teammates in San Diego and he is boxing as well to help his conditioning. So, the neck is not an issue. He recovered pretty quickly. That is great news, because any time you see a player put on a stretcher it is a scary sight.

Mikey from Colorado Springs wants to know if DeAngelo Williams is a favorite to land in Denver.

BW: I think it all depends on the on the new CBA. If he is a free agent, I could see it happening. In fact, I’d say Denver would be a favorite to land him. New Denver coach John Fox loved Williams and they have a good relationship. Plus, Denver would like to get another running back to pair with Knowshon Moreno. Fox is a believer in running the ball first. So, he’d be very comfortable working with Williams again.

Colin from San Diego wants to know why Carolina receiver Steve Smith is being connected to the Chargers through a trade. He thinks the Rams are better fit.

BW: Smith is being connected to Chargers because it has been reported he’d like to come to California and play for either the Chargers or the Raiders. I’ve been told Smith would be interested in playing for the Chargers. He’s from Los Angeles. Also, it has been reported the Chargers will monitor him. Thus, there is legitimate reason for the connection. Yes, there are other teams that could make sense as landing spots for Smith if the Panthers do trade him, but the Chargers make sense as well.