AFC West mailbag

Mid-week mail call:

BFnHL from St. Louis wants to know if Mark Brunell could come to Denver and be a left-handed mentor for Tim Tebow.

Bill Williamson: It’s a good thought, but Brunell is still under contract with the Jets. But if he were to become free, I think Denver could look at it. Brunell is a fabulous mentor for a young quarterback and the fact that he and Tebow are both left-handed, that would be a plus. Because it is a bit awkward to have a left-handed quarterback, it would be helpful for the backup to be left handed as well. So, if Brunell becomes free, it could be something for Denver to consider.

Brian Shoberg from Minneapolis expects the Chargers to re-sign safety Eric Weddle.

BW: I think that is their goal. The Chargers will have several free agents, but Weddle is a priority. They think he is a key player on the top-ranked defense and he is good in the locker room. I also know Weddle wants to stay in San Diego. However, there will be interest elsewhere, so if he gets an overwhelming offer, Weddle could leave. But there is mutual interest between San Diego and Weddle, so they will try to find an accord.

Daniel from Nashville wants to know if I expect rookie Justin Houston to help the Chiefs.

BW: I think the third-round pick from Georgia has a chance to help Kansas City right away. He was expected to go in late in the first round, so he was a bargain player. Yes, there are some work ethic questions, but Houston has big talent. I think he will be given a chance to play both end and outside linebacker in the Chiefs’ 3-4 defense. He could be the complementary pass rusher to Tamba Hali the team has been looking for.