Will Jackson's demand hold up talks?

ESPN‘s Adam Schefter has confirmed a Yahoo! Sports report that San Diego Chargers’ receiver Vincent Jackson is demanding, through his agents, that he become an unrestricted free agent once the lockout is lifted or receive a $10 million payment as part of the settlement of the Brady vs. NFL antitrust lawsuit.

He is among 10 named plaintiffs in the lawsuit. He received the franchise tag from the Chargers before the NFL locked out its players in March. This could hold up the settlement of the lockout.

Still, there are many around the league who believe there is little chance Jackson will hold up the entire league because of his individual demands. This is a fluid situation, but the general consensus from people I have spoken to who are close to the situation is that Jackson will likely remain in San Diego in 2011. Yet, it is certainly a development that is worth paying attention to this week.