Would you buy shoes from a Chief?

The Kansas City Chiefs have suddenly taken over the broadcast commercial airwaves. This month, quarterback Matt Cassel and second-year safety Eric Berry have debuted shoe commercials.

Cassel teams with San Francisco linebacker Patrick Willis in a K-Swiss commercial with HBO character Kenny Powers, portrayed by the hilarious Danny McBride. Berry is featured in an adidas commercial.

While the Cassel clip is more of a fun spot with McBride, the Berry spot has to get Kansas City fans fired up to want to see more of this explosive player. It features several impressive clips of Berry’s rookie season.

These commercials are just a reminder of how on-field success can translate to major exposure. The Chiefs were a surprising 10-6 and won the AFC West division title in 2010.

The success clearly attracted Madison Ave. to the Heartland. Enjoy the exposure, Kansas City fans. I wouldn’t be surprised if commercial spots featuring the likes of playmakers Jamaal Charles and Dwayne Bowe are not far off.