Poll results: Raiders' dominance expected

All four AFC West teams received support in our poll asking readers to vote for the team they think will be the dominant team in the division from 2014-16. It was a spinoff from our Dream Team of Tomorrow series. As a part of the series, our bloggers projected which team we think will be the most dominant in their division. I selected the Kansas City Chiefs.

In the user poll (in which we received more than 8,000 votes), the Oakland Raiders were the wining team by a slight margin. As of 6:20 p.m. ET Wednesday, Oakland received 31 percent of the vote. Kansas City received 28 percent, Denver received 24 percent and San Diego received 17 percent.

I can see why each team got a chunk of support. I think every team in the division has a chance to be very good in the middle of the decade. Thanks to everyone who participated.