Vincent Jackson won't be a stumbling block

It appears Vincent Jackson will not get any new financial benefit from a new CBA, nor will he hold up an agreement for the rest of the NFL players.

It has been reported several times this week that Jackson and New England guard Logan Mankins were demanding $10 million because they are franchised. Jackson denied the reports.

ESPN. com is reporting that Jackson will not receive any benefits as part of a new CBA and that potential stumbling block is no longer an issue. Jackson is one of 10 plaintiffs who filed an antitrust lawsuit against the NFL at the beginning of the lockout. ESPN.com is reporting that the proposed labor agreement that the owners will vote on doesn't change any of the plaintiffs' statuses.

So, after days of being a face of the final stages of the talks, Jackson is now just another NFL player.

I think, in the end, that is best for him. Yes, I know he wants to be a free agent as he enters his seventh NFL season, and yes, he wants to recoup lost wages from his long holdout last year. But no one would want the pressure and stigma attached to being known as the guy who continued the lockout. His peers would never forgive him.

Again, Jackson has denied he ever intended to be a holdup. But, now the entire issue is resolved and he can prepare to be a franchised member of the Chargers in 2011 and prove he is worthy of a high-dollar deal in 2012, whether it’s with the Chargers or another team.