Broncos need to make a move on Orton

It’s getting awkward in Denver.

The Broncos clearly want to trade Kyle Orton. What if they can’t? Then what happens?

We got a glimpse of that answer Thursday morning. Orton was on the practice field as the Broncos opened training camp and he is working with his teammates. That’s not what anyone wants.

The Broncos clearly want to deal Orton, who wants to be a starter somewhere. They’ve been actively talking to Arizona and Miami for more than 48 hours in an effort to trade Orton and get on with the Tim Tebow era. With Arizona reportedly zoning in on a trade for Eagles’ backup Kevin Kolb, the Broncos have focused on a deal with Miami for the quarterback.

Yet, there have been stumbling blocks in the past 24 hours. They appear to revolve around compensation and Orton’s contract situation. He is a free agent after the season. The Dolphins likely won’t want to give Denver a third-round pick if Orton has a chance to leave after the season. There are enough obstacles that a deal may not get done. If not, Orton likely won’t be traded unless the Cardinals-Eagles deal unexpectedly explodes.

If the Miami deal falls through, Denver will have no choice but to keep Orton and hope another team suffers an injury in the preseason and they come calling. But that’s not ideal.

If Tebow is going to be the starter, Denver has to give him as many repetitions as possible, especially in the aftermath of the lost offseason program. Keeping Orton around will only hurt Tebow’s development.

Thus, Denver needs to make a choice very soon. Either it should trade Orton to Miami, make him the starter or make him the backup. Allowing this to drag will not behoove Orton, Tebow or the organization.

Make a decision, Denver, and move on.