Seahawks trying to sign Zach Miller

Napa, Calif. -- I’m at the Oakland Raiders’ training site, but where is Pro Bowl tight end Zach Miller?

Oh, that’s right, he’s being wooed in Seattle by the deepest pockets in the NFL.

I was on my way to Napa when I received a phone call from a league source saying that Miller was visiting the Seattle Seahawks and they are bent on keeping him there.

It’s a stunning development. Miller was widely expected to soon re-sign with the Raiders. Oakland coach Hue Jackson hinted Sunday he expected Miller would be with the team soon and several of his teammates said the same thing.

It appeared that Miller was waiting for Oakland to clear enough cap room to give him a suitable deal after he unexpectedly wasn’t getting much interest on the open market.

New, he has the interest. And now he’s in Paul Allen’s house.

That may not be a good sign for the Raiders. All indications are that the Seahawks plan on signing Miller.

If he made the trip up North, it’s obvious Miller is willing to go elsewhere. Perhaps he made the trip to let the Raiders know he is losing patience.

But again, Allen’s money talks.

This would be great revenge inflicted by former Oakland coach Tom Cable after being fired by Al Davis in January. Cable has already brought guard Robert Gallery to the Pacific Northwest. Oakland expected Gallery to leave, but adding Miller would really hurt the Raiders.