Three things: Chargers vs. Cowboys

Three things to watch for in San Diego’s preseason game at Dallas on Sunday night. Kickoff is set for 8 p.m. ET:

1. Make more plays on special teams: The Chargers' special teams looked much improved last week against Seattle. They even had a 103-yard kickoff return for by Bryan Walters. This unit needs to continue to play well to inspire confidence.

2. Continue defensive dominance: The San Diego defense was awesome against Seattle’s first-team. Seattle didn’t get past mid-field in the first half. San Diego’s defense looked nasty. Let ‘s see if it can keep it up.

3. More Darryl Gamble: The undrafted rookie from Georgia was a star in the Seattle game. He stood up in a sea of players who will likely be cut. He was moved from inside to outside linebacker last week. He showed a great pass-rush burst and could be a keeper.