AFC West mailbag

Mid-week mail call:

Matthew Szymkowski from Los Angeles wants to know if I think the Kansas City Chiefs will pick up a receiver.

Bill Williamson: With Jonathan Baldwin out for at least the rest of the preseason, I think the Chiefs will keep their eyes open and could add someone. I’m not sure it would be one of the few high-profile players available, but the Chiefs have the most cap room in the NFL. But this team is very deliberate and I’m sure it will not do anything hasty.

Chris from Littleton, Colo., wants to know if I think the Denver Broncos will use Tim Tebow in short-yardage situations even though he has fallen behind Brady Quinn and is now the No. 3 quarterback in Denver.

BW: The Broncos have some packages designed for Tebow just as former coach Josh McDaniels did. Remember, offensive coordinator Mike McCoy remains in Denver, so there will likely be the same packages as last season. Tebow is good in the red zone so I think we will see him some in those situations even if he is the No. 3 quarterback. That is where the new league rule that allows three quarterback to be active will help the Broncos.

Jesus from Fresno wants to know if I think the Oakland Raiders will give up on oft-injured Chaz Schilens and sign a veteran receiver.

BW: I don’t see Oakland giving up on Schilens this year. He is too talented. Yes, he has been brutalized by injuries since coming into the league in 2008. For now, I think the Raiders are going to remain patient with Schilens because of his immense potential.