Panel shuts out Raiders again

Oh, Raider Nation (and Tommy Kelly), are you going to be mad again.

They did it to you again.

ESPN’s Panel of experts (again, I’m not on the list, so save the rage) have shut you out again. In the Week 2 predictions, every expert picks Buffalo to beat Oakland. No one picked Oakland in Week 1. The Raiders beat host Denver, 23-20, on Monday night.

Buffalo, however, might not be a slouch, though. The Bills knocked around host Kansas City, 41-7, in Week 1.

Still, when are the Raiders going get some love?

Kelly certainly thinks the Raiders deserve some recognition. Oakland’s massive defensive tackle warned the Bills that this week’s test will be more difficult than last week's lark in Arrowhead.

"Any time you can go on the road and have a victory like that, that's going to open up a lot of people's eyes,” Kelly said about the Bills this week. "But the thing about the NFL is that happened last week. You've got to do the same thing this week. So whatever they did is a nice impressive victory, but they've got to come and deal with us now. And we ain't the Chiefs."

Wow, Kelly clearly doesn’t think much about the defending AFC West champions. It should be fun when Kelly faces the Chiefs next month.

By the way, the ESPN panel isn’t just hard on the Raiders. It doesn’t think much of the AFC West this week. Everyone picked Detroit over Kansas City and New England over San Diego. Most of the panel, though, likes Denver to beat visiting Cincinnati.

And with that, I will back away and let you take over.