Sound-off responses

We got tons of responses to our sound-off question: Whether or not Kansas City coach Todd Haley belongs on the hot seat after the Chiefs’ terrible start. Here are some of your responses:

Jonathan from Annapolis, Md.: Bill, You have to look beyond just Coach Haley for somebody to blame at this point. Everybody from Clark Hunt down the backup practice squad punter is to blame. There are two things that can't be coached: effort and hustle. Neither have been on the field yet this season; and that's just disappointing.

Dave Sootay from Springfield, Mo.: Haley should definitely be on the Hot Seat. I expect him to get the axe after another 40-point loss next week @SD. Yes, the injuries have been awful, but the Chiefs should have still been somewhat competitive in these past two games. This team has loads of healthy young talent. He's been ridiculously out-coached.

Steve from Jefferson City, Mo.: Bill,I think Todd Hailey's "hot seat" is lukewarm at best. The Chiefs are a young, energetic team, but at no time have you heard them called "deep." They are talented only on the surface. When you take one piece of that puzzle out (Moeaki, Charles, Berry, whoever's next to blow a knee) their youth starts to show. They aren't the Packers or the Patriots. Some no name will not just step up and make things happen. This year is basically done. I hope their fate doesn't fall on Todd Hailey's shoulders nearly as much as it falls on Matt Cassel's arm. Andrew Luck....here we come. I just hope 0 and whatever isn't on the horizon. I winless season can doom a franchise for years.

Tom from Manhattan, Kan.: I think Haley will be gone...by the bye week. This team has gone no where, and the team seems to not respond to him. The Chiefs will have to fight for 2 wins this season the way things are going, and that is Indianapolis, and possibly home against Denver, and both of those are stretches if the first two weeks are any indication of the season. I am a die hard Chiefs fan, always have been, always will be, but it is time for a real coach to come in. John Gruden or Bill Cowher or Bust. Pioli hasn't spent any money, and it shows, and he needs to bring in an A list coach, especially if Andrew Luck is in the future, as Gruden would be perfect to mold him into a terrific QB.

It’s been a tough start for the Chiefs. They have had major injuries and they have been awful on the field. They have been outscored, 89-10, so far. But this program can get back on its feet next year once it is healthy. They are good players here. I think firing Haley now could be a bit premature. Still, I’m not making the decision. If the blowout losses continue, something could happen.

Thanks to everyone who participated.