A Palmer, Owens reunion?

I have received a lot of questions this week, asking me if I think the Oakland Raiders will pursue receiver Terrell Owens. His agent has said Owens has healed from a torn ACL and he will soon be ready to sign with a team.

I’ve been asked about the chances of Owens landing in Oakland for years. Yet, the Raiders have never made a real move for Owens. I understand why the questions have resurfaced. The Raiders just traded for Carson Palmer. Palmer and Owens were teammates in Cincinnati last year. Owens had 72 catches for 983 yards last season.

Still, I don’t think much will change, unless Palmer really presses for it.

The Raiders have an outstanding group of young receivers, who they need to find the right mix. Talent is not a problem for this team at the position.

So, considering the lack of need, Owens’ age (he’ll turn 38 in December), his history as a problematic teammate and his recent injury history, I just don’t see the urgent need for the Raiders to consider him.

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