AFC West mailbag

Mid-week call:

Laek from Richmond, Ca. wants to know if I think Oakland receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey is now a legitimate NFL receiver.

Bill Williamson: Sure, I think you have to say he is legitimate. He has been terrific for the past month. He has 22 catches for 385 yards in the past four games. That’s pretty good work. Plus, he has dropped just two passes this season. He is making real strides.

Mike from San Diego wants to know if Chargers coach Norv Turner is on the hot seat.

BW: I think people will ask this question until the day Turner is no longer the Chargers’ coach. I do think if San Diego does not make the playoffs and if the Chargers really fall off at the end of the season, Turner could be in trouble. Yet, this team is still very much alive in the playoff conversation, so its premature to talk about Turner’s future.

Michael O’Conner from San Diego wants to know if the Raiders could trade Carson Palmer after the season.

BW: The only way Oakland would be interested in trading Palmer is if he plays terribly the rest of this season. If that happens, no one will want to trade for him. Plus, Oakland gave up two premium picks for Palmer, so there is no way they would be able to recoup those picks by dealing him. Thus, this has virtually no chance of happening.