AFC West mailbag

Weekend mail call:

Tyler from Hamilton, Ontario wants to know if Peyton Hillis left Denver on good terms and if he could come back as a free agent.

Bill Williamson: Well, it’s a different regime, so it really doesn’t matter. Former coach Josh McDaniels didn’t like Hillis and he traded him to Cleveland in a package deal for Brady Quinn in 2010. There were rumblings that the previous staff didn’t think Hillis worked hard enough in practice. Now, Hillis is having his share of issues in Cleveland. So, I think any team might be wary of adding Hillis for a big-dollar deal. But Denver could surely use a player like Hillis and he was a fan favorite there.

Denny from Kansas City wants to know what position do I think the Chiefs will look at in the first round next year.

BW: Well, it’s early, but I think the Chiefs will look at both lines. If they can get a dominant defensive tackle, that could be the way the Chiefs go. I could also see Kansas City looking for a top offensive tackle. The future is bright, but the interior lines both need to be boosted.

Jeff Rodriquez from Granada Hills, Ca. wants to know if John Elway has been mentoring/tutoring Tim Tebow in Denver.

BW: I’d say Elway has been more of a mentor to Tebow. They have talked often, even before Elway joined the team as its top football-decision maker. Elway was always available to Denver quarterbacks after his retirement, I think Elway and Tebow have a strong relationship and Elway wants to see Tebow succeed. But he will make his decision on Tebow based on performance not a personal relationship.