Chat wrap: Michael Bush's future

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Wednesday:


Daylon from Wyoming: Denver's D-line also seems like it is coming along. Ryan McBean especially has been pretty solid. Is it better coaching or the scheme that we have to thank?

Bill Williamson: I do think it is well coached and the group is jelling. But it is a unit that will likely be added to in the offseason.


Matt Cassel from Kansas City: If Tyler Palko moves the offense as well as I could will I be out of a job next year?

BW: It wouldn't help your chances, but I think you should be OK.


Aaron from Denver: Any chance the Raiders can keep Michael Bush next season or is he destined for a starting role somewhere else?

BW: They will try and they will want to. But I think he could get paid starter's money and he may want a chance to be the lead back. This could be a Michael Turner situation from a few years back in San Diego.


Leland from Texas: If Norv Turner is out at the end of the season, who is a candidate? I don't know of anyone (big name) that is out there? (Bill Cowher?)

BW: If the Chargers totally clean house, perhaps they will go for a big name to lead the entire operation. But that may be a long shot. I think they would look for another offensive-minded coach to work with QB Philip Rivers.